Session 5: DOORS Asset Assessment 

God is the creator and redeemer of life!

He invites us to collaborate with Him in three major ways:




As witnesses, we speak of our knowledge and experience with God. We testify to the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the hope that all ‘would believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing they would have life in His name.” (John 20:31)

Example: sharing the Gospel with an unbelieving friend.

As stewards, we leverage our resources, talents, and experiences toward a vision of shalom, a restoration of order and divine purpose.

Example: mentoring a child.

As conduits, we pray, speak, and act in faith to create space for God to do what we cannot do.Example: praying for someone’s healing.

Example: praying for someone’s healing.

As stewards, we receive life as a gift and view our resources with an eternal perspective. Material objects (e.g., money, power) can be leveraged for eternal purposes and toward a vision of earth (home, neighborhood, community, and beyond) “as it is in heaven.”

How do we steward well what God has entrusted to us?

The DOORS Asset Assessment was created to help individuals “spend themselves well” (Isaiah 58:10) by identifying the resources and gifting that can be leveraged for new life.

There are 6 main types of capital we steward (knowledge, finances, influence, experiences, relationships, and space).

Domains of Knowledge

Opportunities for Association

Overcoming Experiences

Relational and Space Bandwidth